[# Gen Z is Reshaping Fashion]

October 10, 2020

Generation Z has a lot of buzz around them at the moment. Their influence is huge because their voice has been very strong on social issues. After the murder of George Floyd it was this generation that took to the streets, organized protests, and demanded justice. This is the same generation that is more in tune with sustainability.

[1. Values]

Transparency is the key to the future of the fashion industry and the reason is because newer generations want value alignment with brands they support.

[2. Community]

Fashion brands need to have dialogue with Gen Z and it is no longer a one way street. Part of community is breaking away from fast fashion's trends and negative environmental impact and allowing a conversation to start around pieces. Streetwear brands have built communities around reselling, drop tracking, and collaboration. Fashion brands can no longer claim to be the trendsetters.

[3. Influencers]

Not only does Gen Z hold brands accountable for their actions but they also hold the influencers brands support accountable for their character. There is a demand of authenticity across the board. Fashion brands need to be able to commit to a value system at the price of short term profits. The longevity of a brand will win in the end but not without bumps and bruises along the way.

Find your authenticity.
Today is the day you dig into the culture of your business or organization and position yourself in a way that resonates with the people.
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