About Us

WillGo was founded on the concept of being authentic. Many fashion brands use the word authenticity because it has an essence of truth and rawness. Pure art must come from an authentic place. What most fashion houses may not know is that they have black employees, black consumers, and maybe black executives who feel like their authenticity is being compromised.

We help fashion brands become aware of what anti-racism is, develop unbiased solutions toward anti-racism, and create a space and environment that pushes the envelope to make the fashion industry diverse, inclusive, and equitable for people of color.

Equity Jam

We gather a few people from your organization and industry in a room and over one hour assess how systemic oppression impacts your company, employees, and customers. Equity Jams deliver clear decisions about viable solutions that tackle societal issues.

Culture Digs

We help you understand the perception your brand has among black culture and people of color. We also dig into your internal work culture and identify micro-aggressions and structural issues. We help you prevent appropriation and prejudice in the workplace.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a more in depth engagement which combines anti-racism training and the design thinking process to develop, prototype, and test solutions, products, services, and environments that promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

Find your authenticity.
Today is the day you dig into the culture of your business or organization and position yourself in a way that resonates with the people.
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