We offer services for fashion brands to quickly solve big challenges, prevent appropriation, and and develop anti-racist cultures.

Equity Jam

We gather a few people from your team in a room and in one-three hours assess how systemic oppression impacts your company, employees, and customers. Equity Jams deliver clear decisions that tackle societal issues.

Equity Sprint

We help you deliver a fashion line, product, or service to market that is authentic and respectful of the groups it is inspired by. Whether it is a fashion line, beauty product, or retail service it will be distinct, edgy, and inclusive.

Culture-Driven Design

We solve large societal problems in the fashion industry. We want to help you end fashion deserts, re-shape your brand to be culturally sustainable, or create a space for employees of color to thrive as their authentic selves.

Isn't anti-racism training enough?

Anti-racism training is great at raising the awareness of individuals about the impact of oppression on society but awareness is not action. If your goal is to check a box because of a mandate it is enough and hopefully you change a few hearts in the process. My advice is the training be live and not asynchronous. If you want to change the system I believe that the combination of anti-racism work and design thinking I have created is the way to do it.

Why the fashion industry?

When you think about cultural impact the fashion industry is highly influential. Designers manifest cultures, bad headlines hurt cultures, and brands shape cultures. Fashion is one of the few shared spaces where our expression of self is specific to our experience and we can notice the overlap we share with people of different experiences. Yet the industry needs more diversity, creative practices that prevent appropriation, and systems to improve access to consumers of color.

Black culture and hip hop has served as inspiration for fashion brands for decades and the relationship between fashion and black culture is not symbiotic. I want to change that by aligning black culture and fashion brands which in turn will develop an ecosystem where everyone is welcome and everyone is inspired.