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What we believe in
Creativity is born from diverse cultural experience and we create honest spaces to leverage the best ideas for fashion brands who want to move toward anti-racism.

Who we are

We use imagination and design to move companies beyond awareness of structural racism toward specific actions that contribute to social justice.

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What we do

We combine a decade of anti-racism experience with design thinking. Culture-Driven Design adds identity and equity to the equation to result in innovative and equitable solutions that dismantle oppression and prevent appropriation.

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About Us

WillGo Blog

Why Fashion Brands Should Engage in Equity Audits
Jun 26, 2020

Fashion has a very prominent place in the culture of society. Fashion is an outward expression of internal emotion and history has a responsibility to source inspiration responsibility and contribute to the cultures it sources from. We have seen several missteps by fashion brands with black culture in particular for decades while many brands pull inspiration from black culture in terms of fit, material, and design.

How Loss Prevention Programs Perpetuate Racism
Jun 23, 2020

Loss prevention on its merits seems like a reasonable idea toward preventing theft and profit loss in shops. The challenge is how loss prevention perpetuates a system of systemic racism through the profiling of people of color and black people in particular.

Micro Cultures
Oct 14, 2019

Micro-Cultures are the enthusiastic loyal followers of established businesses and they are the niche passionate group with a special problem for a new business.

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