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Creativity is born from diverse cultural experience and we create honest spaces to leverage the best ideas for fashion brands who want to move toward anti-racism.

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We use imagination and design to move companies beyond awareness of structural racism toward specific actions that contribute to social justice.

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What we do

We combine a decade of anti-racism experience with design thinking. Culture-Driven Design adds identity and equity to the equation to result in innovative and equitable solutions that dismantle oppression and prevent appropriation.

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[4 Ways Design Thinking Perpetuates Oppression]
Sep 26, 2020

The criticisms of design thinking I am making in this article are not about misuse they are about the process itself. I want to make that clear from the jump. I want to improve the inherent problems in the process and work toward preventing its misuse. I also want to step into my love and use of design thinking as a process so this criticism is much more about advancing practice than it is tearing down the framework without providing a path forward.

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