June 19, 2022

Nowadays a 3 Stacks sighting is like an album drop. They are rare but significant. If you are not familiar with Andre 3000 he is one of the greatest rappers to ever live, he is one half of the mighty Outkast, and he is an example of the importance of wandering.Andre stepped away from the limelight and is often found roaming different cities, eating at restaurants, and playing the Mayan double flute. Occasionally throughout the year he appears on a feature and reminds us of his brilliance as an MC.

Picture of Andre 3000 holding a flute with a fan

"The more money you make the more problems you get." - B.I.G.

When I was younger I walked at least fifteen miles a day. I come from the mud and had absolutely no means of transportation. Later I would buy my first car an old cutlass that was never capable of pulling out of the driveway. So I walked a minimum of 15 miles everyday for about 12 years.  I encounter events, conversations, and visual stimuli that would spark my creative urges.This is highlighted by Marily Oppezzo's and Daniel Schwartz's work at Stanford that found walking improves creativity.

"See this is the way that we walk on a sunny day When it's rainin' inside And you're, all alone," - Andre 3K

Andre makes me reflect on the lost art of wandering. Our thoughts and ideas are often curated for us through algorithms. We are not surprised or delighted anymore by stumbling upon new experiences. Relevancy algorithms close off the most important part of our creativity; the pairing of seemingly separate ideas.

Now I go on regular walks to wander in new spaces with new people. I also do the same thing virtually. The key is to explore things that are appealing but completely out of the norm. This not only sparks creativity but it engages empathy as you ask questions, get directions, and rely on the knowledge of folks familiar with that space.

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