Branding is Not About You

February 21, 2019

I design brand and identity systems for companies, organizations, and solopreneurs. In my work I often find that people come to the table thinking their brand is interpreting who they think they are.

They are partly right but they need to switch their perspective. Branding is what your customer, client, or user thinks of you.

Most of my work starts with people approaching me to make them a cool logo and my immediate answer is: I don’t think you want me for that because that is not what I do. After they wipe the surprise off their face they ask for clarification.

I explain to them that I want their brand to have impact and allow them to reach their goals. Increased revenue or increased engagement is possible by designing around empathy.

These are the questions I ask my clients to start. Who are you? Who needs to know? Who will tell them about you and how? Why should they care about you?

Find your authenticity.
Today is the day you dig into the culture of your business or organization and position yourself in a way that resonates with the people.
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