The AI in Authentic

February 21, 2019

One of the most popular NBA players of all time is Hall of Famer Allen Iverson. Not necessarily because of what he did but A.I. showed people how to do it their way.

The vibe you create as a business should connect with people on a deep level. A.I. did this unlike any player before him. Bill Russel, Michael Jordan, or Kobe Bryant did not connect with fans the way The Answer did. Many of the NBA’s core fans are young men who aspire to play in the NBA. One important component of building an authentic brand is to find your core. If you are lauded by a very vocal and visible core they tell the story of your brand by expressing their emotions about how it makes them feel.

Allen Iverson looked like his core, behaved like his core, and backed it up on the court. The Question is, how can a brand be authentic? The Answer is, find who you are at your core and speak directly to your tribe. Everybody’s authentic is different and it is important that you find your real.

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