[Dialogue and how to have it]

March 13, 2021

As we confront white supremacy and acknowledge the pain of racism it is easy to find debates, arguments, and lectures. It is not easy to find dialogue but as we tell many of our clients dialogue is the key to being anti-racist. Dialogue is an exchange of opinions and ideas. We understand that ideas and opinions are best conveyed in the form of stories so we encourage the exchange of stories. When you have people share stories of discrimination and stories of privilege and delay responses the impact is powerful. The key to understanding racism is understanding the pain it causes. The key to understanding privilege is knowing that you need to replace guilt with responsibility.

As creatives in fashion, design, and leadership we must acknowledge the privilege we have of creating decisions and choices for other folks. We have to acknowledge the historical complicitness in the pain people with our privilege have created. We also have to realize that the racism present within our own organizations, teams, and frameworks are a driving force in what we create. Dialogue offers an opportunity for us to understanding the trauma and bias present in our own world so that we can create a better one. It does take diversity, equity, and inclusion to move forward. It also takes an anti-racist design framework. to learn more subscribe to our community.

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