July 28, 2021

Imagine you inherit a successful business only to find out in a couple of years it was sick and dying.

Often times success is really dogma.

This is Out The Mud a series where we unpack amazing stories where creativity was used to end pain with fairly limited resources.

Business practices and services are simply ideas that are continually executed. Maybe at one point they worked or maybe they were just good enough. One societal shift, one new innovative change and what was once successful is now obsolete. What is not talked about enough is the pain this cycle can cause. A bad service is easily identifiable and can be called out in feedback loops. A service that is good enough however continually opens wounds for people over a long period of time. When we have success or inherit it we often cannot notice what needs to be improved.

Think about the implications depending no the sector. For example, healthcare having a poor service can have negative health outcomes for people. As we know in our society the challenge of healthcare is huge and outcomes for people of color are not very good at all.

Livework used Service Blueprinting to redesign health care pathways for a clinic. Sometimes when we inherit processes we do not know what they actually look like. Service blueprinting is a process that helps us track the journey of customers, patients, prisoners, teachers, kids etc... Think about the amount of interactions you initiate that you have never really mapped out and critiqued. There is a power in Service Blue Printing which we can all learn from. Take the ordinary, map it out, and see how it can be improved even when it feels successful. Often times with Service Blue Printing we find service gaps that need to be addressed for our clients.

This is what Livework found in their work to create better healthcare pathways; patients were not following through with appointments. They were able to redesign the service and improve attendance rates which in turn will improve patient outcomes.

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