August 1, 2021

Time is a resource that we do not have enough of. Perception of time also induces a lot of stress and limited thinking. In our fight for creative justice in the fashion industry let's unpack how designers in other industries perceive time.

This is Out The Mud a series where we unpack amazing stories where creativity was used to end pain with fairly limited resources.

In our workshops we turn all the negative perceptions of time into positive ones. We might begin a workshop by having you do a 1 minute portrait of a celebrity or your neighbor in the workshop. Aside from people moaning because they are not creative they also moan because they do not feel that is enough time. Enough time for what? The goal of the exercise is to communicate an idea. What features does this person have, what makes them different, and how do you highlight that.

This is what time constraints help us do. We get to produce a lot of ideas as opposed to just a few. True innovation and art we can all agree come from iteration. Well, what if you could speed that process up. This is how I as a service designer conduct workshops. We use methods that give everyone a voice and we use a timebox like the one below to get at natural and authentic ideas. What are you thinking off the top of your head compiles a lifetime of experiences.

Timeboxing is a tool that can be used to remove all the elements that make meetings non inclusive and unproductive. If you put a time limit on conversations the chatter, posturing, and soap-boxing that happens in gatherings goes out the window. The focus can be on ending the pain of the problem.

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